Local Government Act 1995
Local Government (Election) Regulations 1997

Electoral gifts

Both candidates and donors must disclose information about any election related gift with a value of $300 or more that was given or promised within the 6-month period prior to the relevant election day. The reporting period for the 2023 elections commenced on 21 April 2023. Please also refer to Election campaigning.

A ‘gift’ includes:

  • money
  • non-monetary item of value
  • in kind or where there is inadequate financial consideration, such as the receipt of a discount (where the difference or the discount is worth more than $300)
  • a financial or other contribution to travel
  • the provision of a service for no consideration or for inadequate consideration
  • a firm promise or agreement to give a gift at some future time.

A ‘gift’ does not include a gift by will, a relative, or item that does not relate to the candidate’s candidature, or the provision of volunteer labour.

The disclosure of a gift is to be made to the CEO of the local government. Information to be supplied includes the name of the candidate, the name and address of the donor, the date the gift was received (or promised), the value of the gift and a description of the gift.

In addition, any gifts from unidentified donors must be disclosed and provided to the CEO of the relevant local government for disposal.

Within 3 days of nomination, a candidate will need to disclose any gifts received in the relevant period prior to nomination and disclose any further gifts received thereafter. Details about each gift are to be submitted within 3 days of receiving the gift once a nomination has been made. Donors will also need to disclose any gifts made within the relevant period. Candidates should advise donors of their reporting responsibilities.

The disclosure period finishes 3 days after election day for unsuccessful candidates and on the start day for financial interest returns for successful candidates.

The Shire of Cunderdin have not recieved any Electoral Gifts as at:

31 December 2019

31 December 2020

31 December 2021

31 December 2022

31 December 2023

Extract Local Government (Elections) Regulations 1997, 30G Electoral gift register

1. The CEO is to establish and maintain an electoral gift register.
2. The CEO is to ensure that all ‘disclosure of gifts’ forms completed by candidates and donors and received by the CEO are placed on the electoral gift
register –
a) Upon receipt by the CEO; and
b) In a manner that clearly identifies and distinguishes the forms relating to each candidate.
3. When the period under regulations 30C has concluded in relation to any election, the CEO is to remove any ‘disclosure of gifts’ forms relating to an
unsuccessful candidate from the electoral gift register, and retain those forms separately for a period of at least 2years.
4. When a successful candidate completes the terms of office resulting from an election, the CEO is to remove any ‘disclosure of gifts’ forms relating
to that person from that election from the electoral gift register, and retain those forms separately for a period of at least 2 years.

[Regulation 30G inserted as regulation 30H in Gazette 20 Nov 1998 p. 6276; renumbered as regulation 30G in Gazette 22 Dec 1998 p. 6869; 14 Aug
2009 p. 3219]

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