Cunderdin Community Bus Hire


The Shire of Cunderdin Community Bus is available for hire by community groups and organisations. The bus has a carrying capacity of 22 people (without wheelchairs) including the driver. The bus is housed at the Shire Depot and the Shire will ensure that the bus is service and fuelled prior to use.

Council’s Insurance Policy provides cover for any organisation who hires the Community Bus, on the condition the nominated driver has the necessary licence to drive the vehicle. The cover is extended to all passengers on the bus in addition to any damage to property that may belong to a third party. Where any injuries or damage to private property results from the negligence of the driver and/or passengers, no liability is accepted by Council or its insurers.

Conditions Of Hire

The driver must hold a ‘LR’ or ‘HR’ Class Licence with an ‘F’ endorsement.

The bus is to be returned in the same clean and tidy condition as when it was collected. If any repairs or interior cleaning is required a charge will be imposed on the group responsible for hiring the bus.

There is to be no smoking on the bus and no food or beverages are to be consumed.

Any damage to the bus, either internally or externally is to be reported to the Shire of Cunderdin immediately upon return.

Community bus booking costs Information
Hire Rate Fee
Casual Hire $0.99 per Km
Casual Hire Senior Citizens             $0.58 per Km
Fuel Charges at Current Rate
Cleaning Charges $66.00 per hr

Please note: all prices above include GST

Booking Procedure

  1. The Bus Hire Form is to be completed and returned prior to a booking being accepted, as well as a copy of the Drivers Licence of the Nominated Driver of the bus.
  2. Ensure that the keys are picked up from the Shire of Cunderdin Office before close of business.
  3. Return the fuelled bus in a satisfactory and clean condition.  The keys can be dropped in the mail box or returned to the Shire of Cunderdin Office.
  4. The Shire of Cunderdin will forward the organisation/group an invoice withing a month of hire.
  5. Please ensure any damage are reported to the Shire of Cunderdin as soon as possible.

Additional information

  • The bus seats 22 people including the driver
  • Can only be returned on a week day