Building Control

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In order to provide for the proper use and development of land and buildings, the Shire of Cunderdin requires an application for a building licence before work commences on any building project i.e. housing, commercial or industrial developments, garages, carports, patios, garden sheds and swimming pools.

The Shire of Cunderdins Building Control Services are provided by  Tim Jurmann who can be contacted by phone (08) 9635 2700 (on Tuesdays) or via email

If you are planning any building works it is advisable to contact the Building Surveyors prior to starting, 

Updated Building Approval Forms

An updated set of Building Commissioner approved forms have been issued for use under the Building Act 2011.

The most significant changes to the forms relates to the format of address details for the property, owner, applicant and builder or demolition contractor.  These revisions are necessary to align with international standards as part of integration with the Building Commission’s enablement initiatives.  The forms also incorporate a number of other minor changes that are a result of the 2014 review of the forms.

The release of these forms coincides with the exposure of an initial group of permit authorities to a new building data reporting system.  This reporting system is an integral part of the Building Commission’s ‘Building on the Foundations REFORMS 2015–2020’ and is the first step to developing an electronic lodgement system for building approvals.

Building Approval Forms

Earthworks & Retaining Walls

A planning approval or building license is required before any earthworks (site work) may commence. Earthworks include any alteration of natural ground levels, and retaining walls required as a result.

Neighbours must be consulted where earthworks are carried out close to property boundaries or where natural ground levels are altered by more than one metre. The Building Surveyor must be called to carry out a footing inspection and a further inspection after completion, before backfilling takes place behind a retaining wall.

If this is not done, a Structural Engineers certificate will be required to verify the structural integrity of the "as constructed" retaining wall. A structural engineer must certify plans for all retaining walls exceeding one metre in height.

For further details, please contact the Building Surveyor Tim Jurmann on 96352700 or email


Fences are regulated under the "Dividing Fences Act 1961". Fencing should be agreed through negotiation between neighbours. A pamphlet produced through Legal Aid WA is available from the Council Offices as a useful guide.

As a general rule, fences are regarded as the standard common fence in an area. Back and side fences are limited to 1.8m above natural ground level and to 1.2m where they are situated in front of a building (i.e. between buildings and adjacent roads).

Non-standard fences, which exceed the height limits of 1.2 metres and fences in front of buildings, all require approval from Council before construction commences. Written applications are required together with:

  • A plan of the proposed fence.
  • The agreement of adjoining property owners.
  • Certification by a structural engineer.

The following are not allowed;

  • Barbed or other materials with spiked or jagged projections in residential or commercial areas.
  • Second hand materials unless the Councils specific approval has first been obtained.
  • Zincalume fencing in front of buildings.

For further information, please contact the Building Surveyor Tim Jurmann on 96352700 or email

Economic Services
Building Statistics Report – per annum $66.00 Each
Building Application Fee – Minimum Fee $92.00*  
Classes 1 & 10: 0.35% of the value of the building (excl GST)   Each
Classes 2 – 9: 0.20 % of the value of the building (excl GST)    
BCITF Levy 0.2% of the total value of the building (excl GST)    
Resited Dwelling Inspection (Up to distance of 100km radius of Shire of Cunderdin $295.00 Each
Distances over 100kms from the Shire Offices shall incur an additional charge of $50 per hour for the officer’s time and a charge for additional mileage at the Public Service Award rates    
Bond (Refundable on stage of completion) $3000.00*  
Builders Registration Board Levy – applicable to all applications $40.50*  

(Fees and charges are subject to change without prior notice – information is provided as a guide only, please contact the Shire to ensure all fees & charges are current)