The Cunderdin Cemetery is located on Cunderdin-Wyalkatchem Road while the Meckering Cemetery is situated the northern side of the railway line at eastern end of town.

The Shire of Cunderdin can advise on:

  • Purchase of graves for burials
  • Sinking of graves and re-openings
  • Permission to erect headstones, monuments or kerbing
  • Internment of ashes
  • Grave reservations
  • Niche reservations
  • Plaques

Your designated Funeral Director will be able to assist you in all matters concerning a funeral and will provide you with the relevant application forms.

The Cunderdin Cemetery Records and Meckering Cemetery Records are available to view online and for further information about the data listed please contact the Shire of Cunderdin on admin@cunderdin.wa.gov.au.

Maps of the Cemetery layouts are also available to view by clicking on the Cunderdin Cemetery Map and Meckering Cemetery Map links.

If your relative was a pioneer of the district the Shire will erect a spiked plaque and rose bush in the relevant memorial rose gardens (i.e. either Meckering or Cunderdin). For more information please contact the Shire on 08 9635 2700.

Refer Council’s Local Laws Relating to Cunderdin & Meckering Cemeteries for definition of Grant of Right of Burial.

Cemetery Records for Meckering

Records of the Meckering Cemeteries are obtainable from the Shire Office, located on 50 Lundy ave, Cunderdin or

call us on (08) 9635 2700