Within the Shire of Cunderdin there are a range of education options for children and young people from Kindergarten through to Year 12. There are two successful primary schools, a high school and the WA College of Agriculture – Cunderdin. This is an award winning school whose reputation is known not only locally but also across WA and the remainder of the country. Students from around the state board at the College during Year 11 and 12 and become a part of the local community during their time of study.

For those keen to pursue new learning avenues during their adult years, opportunities are provided thanks to a variety of courses available through the Cunderdin & Districts Telecentre.

Cunderdin District High School

Cunderdin District High School Information
Address: Cubbine Street Cunderdin WA 6407
Phone: 9635 3300
Fax: 9635 1488

Principal: Hayley Taylor
Business Plan: Business plan

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Meckering Primary School

Meckering Primary School Information
Address: Knight Street Meckering WA 6405
Phone: 9625 1292
Fax: 9625 1371

Principal: Jan Whisson

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WA College Of Agriculture – Cunderdin

WA College Of Agriculture – Cunderdin Information
Address: Baxter Road Cunderdin WA 6407
Phone: 9635 2100
Fax: 9635 1334
Principal: Mrs Sally Panizza

Find out more about WA College of Agriculture here.

Cunderdin & Districts Resource Centre

Cunderdin & Districts Resource Centre Information
Address: Main Street Cunderdin WA 6407
Phone: 9635 1784
Fax: 9635 1785
Open Hours: Mon to Fri – 9am to 5pm