Engineering Works & Services

The Shire of Cunderdin has a dedicated team of operation and maintenance staff consisting of plant operators, gardeners, works crew, mechanics, greenkeeper and a works manager.

Shire of Cunderdin equipment

The team assists residents with:

  • Road maintenance (potholes etc)
  • Maintaining footpaths
  • Parks/Reserves (maintenance)
  • Maintaining street trees
  • Maintaining road verges
  • Trees across roads – except main roads
  • Requests for private works
  • Drainage
  • Bridge damage
  • Crossovers – except main roads
  • Storm damage

Any queries or concerns regarding Shire works should be directed to the Council’s Works Manager on (08) 9635 1005.

Road Service Requests

Roadworks in Cunderdin

The Shire of Cunderdin maintains and upgrades most of the roads within the Shire, with the exception of those under the control of Main Roads WA.

If you need grading or removal of debris (or other relevant services) from roads under Shire control, please contact the office on (08) 9635 2700.

Private Works

For any private work – i.e. work not under the control of Council – please contact the Shire office and we’ll arrange for an inspection and quotation.

Weed Spraying

Council makes an annual provision for contractors to undertake a weed spraying program on road verges.

Tree Planting

If you would like to be eligible to plant approved natives on your road verge, please contact the Shire Office to find out more information.

Roads Program

Expenditure on roads accounts for nearly 50% of Council overall expenditure. As part of Council road program it maintains 466 kms of gravel and 376 kms of sealed roads.

Restricted Access Vehicles (RAV) Permit Networks (CLASS 2 & 3)

Main Roads introduced the three-year Class 2 and 3 Restricted Access Vehicles Period Permit on 1 July 2006, which requires road networks to be inspected and certified by Main Roads.

A restricted access vehicle (RAV) is a vehicle that alone or together with any load, exceeds one or more of the following limits:

  1. a mass limit prescribed in Part 3 of the Road Traffic (Vehicle Standards) Regulations 2002; or
  2. one of the following dimension limits:
    • a width of 2.5m;
    • a height of 4.3m;
    • a length of 12.5m in the case of a motor vehicle that is not part of a combination; or
    • a length of 19m in the case of a combination;
    • any other dimension limit specified in the:
      • Road Traffic (Vehicle Standards) Regulations 2002; or
      • Road Traffic (Vehicle Standards) Rules 2002.

When a vehicle is being operated as a RAV, it must only operate under a notice or permit issued by the Commissioner of Main Roads.