Animal Control

The RangerDennis Whisson

The Shire’s Ranger Services are provided by WA CONTRACT RANGER SERVICES -

Mathew Sharpe on 0459 678 154.

The Ranger is responsible for:

  • Dog Complaints.
  • Cat Complaints.
  • Straying stock.
  • Litter control.
  • Off Road Vehicles.

(Fees and charges are subject to change without prior notice).

Pensioners are entitled to a 50% concession on fees and working dogs are given a 75% discount.

If there are changes to your Dog Registration (i.e. change of address, dog passes away or is sold) the owner must notify the Shire as soon as possible.

To register your dog please follow the link below to complete the necessary registration form and foward to the Cunderdin Shire Administration Office. 

Dog Registration Form  

It is the responsibility of dog owners to keep their dogs under control at all times. Wandering dogs present a nuisance and danger to the general public. The Shire Ranger responds to any complaints and carries out regular dog patrols. There are heavy penalties for owners who dogs have to be impounded.

Under the Dog Act 1976 all dog owners are required by law to:

  • Register their dog with local council – unregistered dogs is an offence that carries a $200 penalty
  • Ensure their dog is unable to escape from their yard
  • Leash their dog at all times in public places

Laws For Responsible Dog Owners Brochure

Dog Amendment Act