Cunderdin Hill Lookout

Location: 1km south of Main Street.

It appears quite inconspicuous, but it’s definitely worth taking the time to venture to the top of Cunderdin Hill – situated 1km south of the main street. You’ll be greeted by 360-degree panoramic views of the town and surrounding farmland – a view that gives a real sense of the open spaces and big sky. From this height it’s easy to see the devastation caused by salinity – a belt of salt is visible winding through the riverbed on the north side of the lookout. The Hill is a popular walking track for locals who, after negotiating the deceptively steep rise, certainly appreciate a moment to catch their breath and take in the scenery.

The name ‘Cunderdin’ is derived from a local aboriginal language and translates to ‘the place of many flowers’ – an apt description especially during the springtime. The Hill becomes covered with carpets of pink and yellow everlastings and is a particularly good spot for bird watching. You’ll often glimpse a kangaroo lazily bounding through the bushland.

On your descent you’ll see the local Goldfields Pipeline Reservoir – a 54.5 million litre water reservoir used in conjunction with the Goldfields Water Scheme.