Restricted Access Vehicles

What is a restricted access vehicle?

A vehicle is classed as a Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV) if that vehicle alone or together with any load, exceeds one or more of the following limits:

  • mass limit prescribed in Part 3 of the Road Traffic (Vehicle) Regulations 2014; or
  • one of the following dimension limits:
  • a width of 2.5 metres;
  • a height of 4.3 metres;
  • a length of 12.5 metres in the case of a motor vehicle that is not part of a combination; or
  • a length of 19 metres in the case of a combination;
  • any other dimension specified in the:

Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014

Before using a RAV on any road, it is necessary to obtain the approval of Main Roads Western Australia. Before making a decision on an application for route access, Main Roads may deem it necessary to do any or all of the following:

  • perform a further assessment of the route;
  • assess the stability of the vehicle and load, which may involve a PBS Assessment or similar;
  • assess the suitability of the road pavement;
  • assess the suitability of all structures on the proposed route to accommodate the specific vehicle;
  • specify conditions of access such as speed limits, hours of operation or accreditation requirements;
  • obtain Local Government agreement for the proposed route (for all operators); and
  • recommend a number of road improvements as conditions of approval.

RV Mapping Tool

Plan your journey using our new RAV Mapping Tool (Current as at May 2015) which features:

  • A seamless map of WA using a Google interface.
  • Allows users the ability to quickly access network information and their associated conditions.
  • The ability to overlay individual networks, which will enable you to plan your journey more efficiently.
  • Mobile device compatibility

Note: The RAV mapping tool should be used as a guide only and approved roads should be checked using the road tables and addendums.