Waste Services

Bin Collection and Recycling Dates

Household Waste & Recycling Bin Collection Calendar

The Shire of Cunderdin participates in the “drumMuster” program. Please ring the Shire office to find out when the next muster is taking place and to register your interest.

Household Rubbish

General household rubbish is collected from the kerbside each Monday morning. Bins need to be put out on Sunday night to ensure you don’t miss the collection service. Bins belong to individual residences and replacement bins are charged to the owner/occupier.


The importance of recycling is now well known and by becoming more aware and vigilant we can all have a major positive impact on our environment. The more items we can avoid sending to landfill the better off our community will be socially, financially, and environmentally.

The Shire of Cunderdin provides a monthly kerbside recycling service through Avon Waste Management Services. The recycling service is available on the third Monday of every month. You can recycle the following items through your yellow recycling wheelie bin:

  • Clean glass Bottles and Jars (lids removed)
  • Aluminium and steel cans, tins and clean foil
  • Empty plastic bottles and containers with 1,2 or 3 printed on the bottom (lids removed)
  • Clean, untied newspapers, paper, magazines, telephone books
  • Clean, flattened cardboard boxes and cartons
  • Milk, juice, laundry and detergent cartons

The following items can NOT be placed in your yellow recycling bin

  • Green waste
  • Food scraps
  • Polystyrene
  • Plastic bags
  • Nappies/Sanitary items
  • Appliances
  • Tools
  • Lawn clippings
  • Liquids
  • Toys
  • Clothing

Please note that all recycling must be placed loose in your recycling bin – please do not place any plastic bags in your bin.

You can take other household, garden and hazardous recyclable items to the transfer stations at Cunderdin and Meckering including:

  • Small Branches
  • Twigs
  • Garden Prunings
  • Small Timber Offcuts
  • Untreated Timber

Please contact the Shire of Cunderdin if you are unsure about what other materials may be able to be accepted at the Transfer Stations.

Quick Recycling Facts

  • Australia is one of the highest producers of waste per head of population in the world. We are ranked second, behind the USA, in terms of domestic waste generation.
  • Every year each Australian sends around 3.5 kilograms of steel cans to the landfill. That is enough steel to make 40,000 fridges!
  • In 2003 over 1 billion newspapers were recycled in Australia - a recycling rate of 73%. That makes Australians the best newspaper recyclers in the world.
  • Every tonne of paper recycled saves almost 13 trees. Its saves 2.5 barrels of oil, 4100 kW of electricity , 4 cubic metres of landfill space and 31,780 litres of water.
  • Recycling PET bottles saves 84% of the energy it takes to make PET bottles from raw materials.
  • By recycling one aluminium can you are saving enough energy to run your TV for 3 hours.
  • Each cardboard milk carton can be recycled into 5 sheets of office paper. (Source: Kur-rin-gai Council)